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Racing Professional

The Going

The latest Going information will be updated below.  Alternatively, for a full report on going and local weather conditions, please call Chester Racecourse General Manager: Andrew Morris on 07581 375229.


Owners and Trainers' Facilities

Badge Entitlement

Each Ownership is entitled to six complimentary badges, regardless of whether single or multiple ownership. Queries regarding additional badges can be directed to Jeannie Chantler via email.

Dining in the Pavilion

Four complimentary meal vouchers, plus a half bottle of red or white wine are provided to Owners with runners on racedays. The same quantity applies regardless of ownership types, be it single ownership, syndicates or partnerships. Owners must reserve a place within the Pavilion following declarations by e-mailing Jeannie Chantler. Places can only be guaranteed up until 5pm the day before racing. Extra places can only be allocated on the day, subject to availability at a cost of £40 per person. Please note that meal vouchers are strictly non-transferable.


For viewing, a section of seating for the sole use of Owners & Trainers is situated in seat blocks A & B of the County Stand. In addition, the Press Room roof is also available as a viewing platform.

Racehorse Owners Association

We wish to provide the best possible facilities for our Owners. Members of the ROA, who are part of the ROA Owners´ Badge Scheme, are allowed free entry into the course on certain race days.

Race Replays

An on-demand race replay service is located in the Pavilion for our 2017 season. This allows owners and trainers to watch any race at any UK course from the past five years.

Official Course Photographer

Chester's official racecourse photographer is Alan Wright - please contact him via phone on 01695 724 504 or via email.

Dress Code

The dress code for Owners and Trainers for Chester racedays is the same as the racecourse’s rules for racegoers in the County Stand. Gentlemen are required to wear a suit jacket, collar and tie and Ladies are required to wear smart dress.  

Getting to Chester Races

Car Parking

At the 5-day entry stage, all owners will be sent a car park label.

 If you require assistance with transport, we will happily assist with transfers from local airports and train stations - this should be done in advance of the day by calling Jeannie Chantler on 07968 963664.


Helicopter landing facilities are available on race days by prior arrangement. Please contact Helicopter & Aviation Services Ltd. to make the necessary arrangements: 01427 718800 |

In the event of any difficulties contacting the above please contact John Knott (01244 304609)


If you wish to attend a race meeting at Chester Racecourse or have an idea for a story, please get in touch.  Within the media section on this website, you will find all of the information you need to know about obtaining accreditation, media facilities, images, news releases and who to contact to assist with enquiries.  


On-course Bookmakers

Bookmaker Badge Purchasing Changes 2017

From Wednesday 10 May - Chester Cup Day,  the following changes have been made in an attempt to make the purchase of the daily bookmaking badge & marketing fee a simpler process. 

This in turn will benefit the Racecourse in that the Badge Box will only be able to distribute pre-purchased badges, they will not be able to process any purchases on the day and will not hold any cash.

You will be able to use your Chester Annual Members Badge. All pre-purchased badges will be available for collection in the Badge Box which will be located in the same position as in previous years.

Badges will be available for collection from 11.00am on raceday. Searches will be made on each day as part of our general entry policy

For any uncollected badges, a refund will be issued to the same card as originally used to purchase the badges, this reimbursement process normally takes two to three working days.

You are able to purchase your badges up to 8.00pm on the day before racing to ensure that your badges will be available for collection.

To purchase your bookmakers badge and workers badge for Chester Racecourse, please click here

This new process is not compulsory, but aimed at streamlining the purchase and distribution of the bookmakers badges, the Box Office will still be available for the ‘on the day’ purchase of badges.  The Box Office is located in the main County Stand and is generally very busy on the morning of a raceday so please expect long queues if you were to follow this method of purchasing your badge.

Your co-operation in ensuring this revised policy is much appreciated.


Race Conditions