HIP Charity to Collect at Sportingbet Season Finale | Chester Racecourse

HIP Charity to Collect at Sportingbet Season Finale

This Saturday at Sportingbet Season Finale, Head Injured People in Cheshire (HIP) will be collecting donations as racegoers exit the final fixture of the season.

The charity aims to help and support head injury survivors, their family, friends and carers and to reduce loneliness and isolation and improve quality of life. They provide information, local social interaction and mutual support to people who have received a brain injury and hold monthly coffee mornings, social outings and recreational courses.

Once a head injury is received it can start a journey that often seems long, dark and lonely. HIP help provide some local light in the tunnel as the survivor and the people around them come to terms with the effects of the injury. For some family and friends the impairments of survivors impose strains and problems that can be relieved by having others in a similar situation to turn to and chat. We want to help each other throughout the often lifelong journey.

Currently, brain injury and its effects are not widely understood in and by society. HIP want to increase local awareness of brain injured people, their impairments and the positive role they play in society.

They rely solely on fundraising and donations so every penny will count on Saturday and will make an amazing difference to people in Cheshire who are living with a head injury.

Edie Jardine from the charity says, "Really looking forward to coming to Chester Races, we really appreciate this opportunity they have given to the Charity."

For more information visit www.hipincheshire.org.uk