Chester Raise over £50,000 for Local Charities | Chester Racecourse

Chester Raise over £50,000 for Local Charities

During the 2017 Racing season, Chester Racecourse have helped charities to collect a massive £28,134 through their exit collections. A different local Charity was present at each race fixture, with the opportunity to collect charitable donations from racegoers as they exited the course. Not only did these inspiring charities collect money but were also given the opportunity to raise awareness for their cause.  Two of them collected well over £3000, in just a couple of hours! These figures are credit to the generous Chester racegoers and the Racecourse thank them for their support.

In addition to this, Chester have donated badges and tickets for racedays to various charities for raffles and auctions amounting to a value of £23,368. This was the face value of the issued badges and tickets, but often they made much more in an auction than this.

With the second year of Project 1000 underway Chester Racecourse are set to continue to help charities in and around the City. Over the course of the next eight months, employees will go on day release to contribute back into the local community, donating over 1,000 hours of staff expertise in total.  As well as providing much needed skills and support to charities, the experience will be both rewarding and fulfilling for employees.

Chester’s Charity Coordinator Jeannie Chantler said, “At Chester Racecourse we are keen to make sure that our corporate social responsibility strategy is put into place and not just talked about!  With these opportunities we offer local charities the skills and hours from participants of Project 1000. We hope this shows we are committed to helping our local communities and their charities both now in 2017 and moving forward”.