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Prosecco Events UK

Fri 2 - Sat 3 Mar 2018

  • Tickets
  • FRI, 2 MAR 2018 (6.30pm- 11.30pm) £12.50

    VIP tickets £25 per person. 

  • SAT, 3 MAR 2018 (6.30pm- 11.30pm) £12.50

    VIP tickets £25 per person. 

Prosecco Events UK are delighted to present their ‘Sparkling Prosecco Event’, featuring unbridled pleasure in the form of more than 20 different types of prosecco, champagne and cocktails that will really rock your world!

Featuring live music, a DJ and great food and with afternoon and evening sessions there will be time for everyone to experience the’ Sparkling Prosecco Festival’ phenomenon.

Also featured will be a craft ale bar where you will find a selection of artisan ales to tempt any ale enthusiasts palette. Your first glass of Prosecco is Free and is served in your very own ‘Sparkling Prosecco Event’ glass.

For more information please visit Prosecco Events UK>.